thanbuiFounded in 2012 by award winning singer/ song-writer/ producer Thanh Bui, SOUL Production believes in the need for a modern and creative environment for aspiring young Vietnamese artists. That is why we have developed a state-of-the-art studio with cutting-edge recording technology. Together with access to the top local and international music producers, SOUL Production aims to be a hub that educates our students and the community of the full recording process – from song-writing, music production, recording to distribution.

SOUL Production creates an opportunity for students to explore, and develop their own musical ideas from concept to final music production and recording. They will gain quality technical and ‘real-life’ experience and work with our professional team of educators, industry experts who are there to facilitate and encourage their freedom to express and create. Once their music products are completed, SOUL Production offers a range of programs to support students in introducing their music to the wider public. With a full scope of production and launching strategies, we aim to educate our students about the full artist process, in order to support those who desire to pursue a professional career.

- Provide students the essential skills that every musician/ artist should learn to enhance their ability to market their music through EP Package.

- Enhance our students’ knowledge base and cultivate fundamental industry skills, in order to evoke and foster creativity.

- Provide students with first-hand experience from working directly with local and international music industry experts, in order to understand the complete music production/ recording process.

- Allow students access to first-class recording services and facilities in a professional environment to learn and create.