Our services include:

The EP Package will give students the essential skills that every musician/ artist should learn to enhance their ability to market their music. Our philosophy is about educating our students through ‘real-life’ experience, and for students who envision a future in the music/ arts industry, we believe it is vital for them to be introduced to key principles of the music industry – aspects such as music business matters, music distribution (online & social media) and marketing will be covered to give strong insight into this field. Interactive and holistically driven, our aim is to facilitate our students to develop their music potential to the fullest, so that they can share their passion in order for others to Feel, Believe and be Inspired by their music.


At SOUL Production, we focus strongly on the ‘writing-process’ to be able to create music and lyrics that are unique and ‘best-fit’ for the artist or the occasion. Specializing in all styles, whether it is Pop, R’n’b, Soul, Dance or Rock, we are continually on the search for the next big hit.

Providing music for Artists, Film/TV, Commercials, etc.

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For a song or piece of music to reach to its fullest potential, careful detail must be placed on its ‘sound’. Working with a team of producers who specialize in all styles, we aim to break boundaries and bring the ‘international’ sound to Vietnamese music.

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For a song to reach broadcast quality, it requires the perfect mixing and mastering. Utilizing SSL technology, our final product will deliver the same quality sound, as you would hear from the leading artists worldwide.


With strong investment in our Recording Studio, we aim to provide the most ambient atmosphere to record vocals or live instruments. From AKG to Neumann to Shure, we have a variety of microphones to suit your needs.


As part of the services provided by Soul Productions, we also offer Music Directing – our credits include major TV shows such as The Voice Kids, Miss Teen, Vietnam’s Got Talent … we are able to provide A-Z music elements/direction to these shows and together with Soul Music Academy, we are also able to assist in training the contestants.


From concept to realization, we specialize in higher concept and bringing together the right ingredients to create music videos that are on the cutting edge of the industry. With our extensive networks, we are able to create MV’s both locally and internationally.